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By Mohamed Failali This audiobook is an excerpt from my first novel ‘An unexpected Intruder’, which is, in fact, the first part of my next novel. It has been a series of seven books so…

Luxury and Risk

I have recently extinguished a fire that was about to destroy a four-wheeled vehicle at the entrance of the car-park where I work. ”Land Rover and Range Rover have issued a recall for their entire…

Sad Sauce

My seventh book to come! You can buy my books at:   Sad Sauce’ is my seventh book. The story reflects part of my life. Sadness is its main ingredient. I am mostly sad for…

Tobacco No

The boy of ten came back home from school. He looked sad. He saw his father smoke a cigarette. Dad, our teacher told us that tobacco is bad for health and kills people. She told…


War breaks out. Earth burns. Insane politics imposes it on militaries and civilians. When they went on war, one as a soldier and the other as a rebel, they did it because it was their…

An Unexpected Intruder

He smoked too much. His job fears absorbed him. In one of their disputes on the topic, his wife alluded to deception. He fainted at the first time in his life. She ran and helped…



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