About me

In the beginning, I learnt French painfully. At the faculty of letters, I was disappointed. I had to leave university without remorse. Since then I have learnt Spanish and English. In 2009, I published my first novel ‘An Unexpected Intruder’ in Spanish, my first foreign language, which I learnt by myself. In 2010, I published ‘Salam’, in 2013 ‘Omnia’ and in 2015 ‘120’, three collections of stories in Arabic, English, Spanish and French. As a writer, I wish to leave a sincere and clear message before passing away. In fact, I never stopped reading and writing in order to publish my books. Self-publishing is an expensive adventure. But, the will to publish my writings challenged all the obstacles. I thank all of you who encourage me to continue. I could not do it without your help. Those who try to humiliate me inflame my wish to succeed. I do it all with love. I do not pretend to be a dedicated artist, nor a persevering writer. I am a simple and humble man, a slave of our times. I love peace like you all and I think one can find it in a good book. I had the chance to open my eyes on a clean nature and spend my golden age by my grandmother. She gave me those first gems of life: such are faith and patience. We were my mother and I crossing a cemetery to reach my grandparents’ house. Located on a hill, it offers a nice view of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Rif mountains. I heard a dove sing. I asked my mother what the bird said. She told me a folkloric song. One day, the neighbor’s daughters climbed a tree and threw berries on a towel they lay between my legs. I sat in the shadow of the tree. There was a big old fig tree in the middle. My grandmother tied a tree-swing to one of its branches. As she told me frightening tales about wolves, I swung for some time and, then, ran away home. There might be a wolf! I asked her once to tie a goat for me. The animal, accustomed to freedom, forced me to set it free. I cried as my pride was hurt. At least, I learnt what freedom meant. Precious lessons one cannot learn in front of a machine nowadays! Those first years of my life, I can hardly remember, stamped my whole existence with their natural taste and flavor in a Mediterranean nature : shallow rivers, green fields, poppies, fig-trees, grazing goats…My grand-mother used to exclaim at footballers: why do not they give them a ball each so that they stop fighting for one? She loved it when the bull won the corrida! The kind of childhood I had explains the worry I feel towards children all over the world. They deserve a better life: mainly good education, not fast food! I always felt as though I was a passing ghost on earth. I do not believe in ghosts but the living humans awaiting death. Life on earth is hard. Do not ever expect it to soften! My father was a traditional baker. He used to give bread and shelter to tramps in his modest bakery. Some people think when one’s father is poor one is doomed. But, I am proud of my father who worked hard to maintain a family and left me sane and safe. I cannot but thank both my parents for the efforts, the time and the money they spent on me. I am a father of two now and I know what it means. No one would opt for poverty, not in this selfish world. Good education is the best fortune to bequeath to our children. When we think money is everything, then we lose everything. Money is indeed the dirtiest thing on earth if not used properly. The unfair banking system is the main cause of humans’ misfortune. Bread for all is the least of humans’ rights. Sadly, it is far from being a reality in today’s world!

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