Mohamed Failali

Life is a game with strict rules to abide by!


‘In a near future, humans will wear masks to purify the contaminated air and record the quantity of oxygen we consume nowadays for free. Tobacco manufacturers will produce medicine instead of cigarettes. Water will be scarce and its price as high as alcohol. Man will deduce that his science was not exact in most cases.’ – I wrote this paragraph in my first book ‘An Unexpected Intruder’ in 2009.

        This could apply to 2020. The year that reminded the whole world that we are one population, whose fate depends on the exactness of our science and the efficiency of our knowledge.

I had the chance to open my eyes on clean nature and spend my golden age by my grand-mother, who gave me those first gems of life such are faith and patience. My grand-mother used to exclaim at footballers: why do not they give them a ball each so that they stop fighting for one? She loved it when the bull won the Corrida!

        I am a father of a girl aged 12 and a boy aged 5. Whenever I come back home from work at the end of the day, I have a shower before I let my children hug me. Next day, I have another shower before going to work.

        I remember my mother, who died aged 58, in 1999, say ‘My son, keep away from me lest you get a contagion’. She never went to school.

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