Mohamed Failali

Life is a game with strict rules to abide by!

My Quotes

Life on earth is the most sophisticated virtual game in existence, in which winners and losers die.
Who said politicians lie? They just don’t find the right words to tell the truth.
What makes evil worse is that it is contagious. Few people used to swear, smoke or lie, but now it is a pandemic.
It is easy to make people cry, but it is difficult to make them laugh.
When the birds twit aloud, they become easy preys!
Children must be taught to survive not only catastrophes and wars, but also drugs and prostitution.
Most countries are indebted, but to who? Queen Elizabeth I did not want to wage wars so as not to borrow from the Jews.
Before voting for the parasites, think of your grandchildren who will live under the burden of debt.
There are more and more weeds in our societies and all fields of life are growing so wild that no policy can cure it!
In his early childhood Gandhi was invited by a Muslim child to eat meat so as to become strong and expel the British.
I have a message for youth. I hate drugs, politics and wars. I love peace, which is the essence of Islam.

Take good care of your teeth. They are your best jewels.

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