Author: mohamedfailali

Farewell List

Farewell List, my ninth book.Lista de Despedida, mi noveno libro.Liste d’Adieu, mon neuvième livre..لائحة الوداع، كتابي التاسع I remember my mother, who died aged 58, in 1999, say ‘keep away from me my son lest you get a contagion’. She never went to school.Recuerdo mi madre, quien murió a los 58 en 1999, decirme ´´Quédate […]

Sad Sauce

My seventh book to come! You can buy my books at:   Sad Sauce’ is my seventh book. The story reflects part of my life. Sadness is its main ingredient. I am mostly sad for others, who cannot afford their least needs. Whereas, some complain about their tiny pocket money of 500€ a day, I spent […]


When my daughter was born, I decided to publish my first book ‘An unexpected intruder’ in 2009, a novel in Spanish, my first foreign language, which I learnt by myself. As I met people from all over the world, I had the idea to write in four different languages. In 2010, I published ‘Salam’, in […]


In loving memory of all peace lovers! I wrote these stories in different languages so that a large number of people can read them. I am really proud to share my writings with all of you. All I long for is peace! This is, indeed, the only way for us, humans, to live in safety.


 LEGAL DEPOSIT: 2016MO1690  I.S.B.N: 978-9954-37-656-0 In 2009, I published my first novel ‘An Unexpected Intruder’ in Spanish, my first foreign language, which I learnt by myself. In 2010, I published ‘Salam’, in 2013 ‘Omnia’, in 2015 ‘120’ and in 2016 ‘Nadima’, stories in Arabic, English, Spanish and French. As a writer, I wish to leave […]